Analysis of the
Media's Use of Techniques in Public Persuasion

A Media Awareness Project


 The Propaganda Model: A Retrospective By Edward S. Herman

 Narratives of Totalitarianism: Nazism’s Anti-Semitic Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust By Jeffrey Herf

 Propaganda in a Democratic Society By Aldous Huxley

 The Theory of Political Propaganda By Harold D. Lasswell

 Historical Patterns of U.S. Government Overseas Propaganda By John Brown

 What is Propaganda, and what exactly is wrong with it? By Douglas Walton

 Goebbels' Principles of Propaganda By L. Doob 

 Authorship and Origins of the Seven Propaganda Devices: A Research Note By J. Michael Sproule

 Propaganda As Vision: Triumph of the Will By Ken Kelman

 Vichy French Government By John Fletcher

  War on Truth: The Secret Battle for the American Mind | John Stauber

 The Fine Art of Propaganda By The Institute of Propaganda Analysis

 Facts, Myths, and Propaganda By Dan Fahey

 Responsibility of States for International  Propaganda By Vernon Van Dyke 

  Rumour, Propaganda, and Parade's End By Trudi Tate

 Goebbels on Propaganda (Der Kongress zur Nürnberg 1934) By Joseph Goebbels

 Noam Chomsky and the Manufacture of Consent for American Foreign Policy By Kurt Lang and Gladys Engel Lang

 Propaganda, Persuasion & Deception: Over 1,120 Selected Quotations for the Ideological Skeptic Compiled By Laird Wilcox

 This text is reprinted after "Behind Enemy Lines; W.W.II Allied/Axis Propaganda" By Edward Boehm, The Wellfleet Press 1989

 Propaganda Tactics and Fahrenheit 9/11 By Kelton Rhoads

 Propaganda System Number One: From Diem and Arbenz to Milosevic By Edward S. Herman

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