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What is the Internet's Role in a Democracy?

Posted by Roar of the Bewildered Herd on January 30, 2011 at 7:02 PM

According to Alex Carey, the Australian social psychologist who "pioneered the study of corporate propaganda", the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of Democracy, the growth of Corporate Power, and the growth of Corporate Propaganda as a means of protecting Corporate Power against Democracy.


Assuming that the advent of newspaper, radio and television were for the sole purpose of pushing the corporate agenda forward, and the consolidation of the media was necessary to assure the corporate agenda, would the deregulation of the Internet, as we have seen it with radio and cable in 1996, be necessary to continue with this agenda? If so, how does this affect Democracy? Is the Internet as important to Democracy as we are stating it is?


These are just a few questions that we will answer in our effort to investigate the effects of Corporate Propaganda on our global society. Our goal is to foster a healthy debate on how media is assimilated and encourage communities to support a neutral broadband network that continues to allow access to muliple media outlets.  We will be discussing several topics weekly that incorporate the different mediums of propaganda and how they are used to persuade the public, or more appropriately stated by the late Walter Lippmann, "the bewildered herd."  Visit our Resources link to learn more about the history, studies, and theories behind propaganda.


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Reply Jossie Viera
9:56 AM on June 17, 2011 
Reply Raimondo Gugliotta
10:13 AM on June 17, 2011 
just got done talkin to Vincent - Great guy !
Reply kmcdo005
12:22 PM on June 17, 2011 
Reply Jgran
1:06 PM on June 17, 2011 
This helps put a light on a dim subject that the mass media is to scared to deal with. Keep up the good fight and best of luck.
Reply joquanda smith
1:09 PM on June 17, 2011 
i think this is a great way to get peoples attention
Reply Michelle Twarkins
1:35 PM on June 17, 2011 
I have never heard of the term, "Network Neutrality." After a little research, I have learned that it is a huge problem that is progressing here in the U.S. This documentary can really teach a lot to many people and really open our eyes to what is going on behind the scenes.
Reply Kaylan Pereira
8:12 PM on June 18, 2011 
Okay there's two ways of looking at this.
One; Corporate power taking control of the media and internet in democracy might not be a bad thing, just because the world is very disturbing and cruel. So maybe some rules and guidelines on what can be put up and said would be a good thing to the community so they won't be so corrupt.

Second; In opposite view if we let Corporate powers control the media and internet they will soon realize that the community is corrupted and shut down the internet. Which then back fires on all the people who use it responsibly for research, the news, communications, shopping and etc..

Internet in general is a great source of information if used right and of course Amendment 1 will always back up everyone's freedom of speech. But times are more and more challenging so i hope this website conquers it's goal, even though it will be tough battle all in all.
Reply Ashley Iodice
12:27 AM on June 19, 2011 
What a fantastic display of our country and how unaware the citizens can be. Thank you for taking what should be a well-known issue, and exposing it for what it is. There is certainly something to be said about the role of technology in modern society and how much emphasis of daily living is placed on it.
Reply alexandra almanzar
10:59 PM on June 19, 2011 
I find it interesting how easy it is for people to live their everyday lives without really stopping to think about we literally give in to different forms of propaganda. I do see how the internet can play a huge role in Democracy, and I feel that it is up to us as a generation to educate ourselves on what we want be persuaded by.
Reply Alexandra Castro
11:15 PM on June 19, 2011 
This is a very interesting project in my believe. I'm very interested in finding out the role of the internet in democracy.
Reply Alexandra Castro
11:15 PM on June 19, 2011 
This is a very interesting project in my believe. I'm very interested in finding out the role of the internet in democracy.
Reply alexandra Castro
11:23 PM on June 19, 2011 
i think this project is very interesting and its going to open a lot of peoples eyes. I'm very interested in finding out the internets role in democracy.
Reply Ariel Martinez
12:01 AM on June 20, 2011 
It is interesting to think that Democracy has some sort of correlation with the internet.
Reply ricardo garcia
10:42 AM on June 20, 2011 
I believe that Propaganda is the main source of persuasion and the internet is the number one means or propaganda that has ever existed. hope vincent with his passion and desire to make a change creates an impact on his agenda...
Reply Johnny Ta Encendio Hidalgo
5:48 PM on June 20, 2011 
I think the internet should stay neutral as it is. Corporate agendas pushing to control media outlets only take us closer to everything being controlled, because since the government is basically bought out by big companies this would be a step closer to taking America, "Land of the FREE" to a dictatorship where government says what we can and can't say or do....companies should not be able to take control of the media.......its supposed to be a gateway to all kinds of knowledge.....not some right-wing tunnel viewed perspective of the world...
Reply jose
9:15 AM on June 21, 2011 
this video was shown to me in class, the video was introduce by Vicent which brought up some interesting thoughts that made sense. before even watching the video. all in all, i enjoyed it and it has open my eyes to start noticing things just a littel bit more.
Reply Mitchell
10:41 AM on June 21, 2011 
The internet is a valuable tool in our pursuit of democracy, though it is rarely used to its full capacity. The internet has the power to disseminate information across vast areas and to more people than television, radio and paper combined, and yet we primarily use it for porn, ebay, and tweeting irrevelent information to people who are half heartedly paying attention. While it is unlikely that the powers that be will allow this project to reach many people, perhaps word of mouth can wake up a few folks.
Reply smithies
9:56 PM on June 21, 2011 
The internet plays a vital role in our mdern area of democracy as it gives us the gift of communicating efficently with others. Although many websites are flooded with ads from large corporations, information can be exchanged in the event of an emergency. Information enables us and gives us confidence to pursue what we must at the means that are necessary. In an urban survival situation where power may be out we may not be able to access the internet, so access to a library would very useful. Because of the amount of information that lies within. I believe that we as Americans have the right to information that protects our citizens. However, some sort of regualtions should be there to say - protect children from abuse or terrorists communicating.. How easy is that? Not very easy as there are alot of ways to communicate in these modern times. Just like anything there are pros and cons.
Reply Yaneris Lopez
10:05 PM on June 21, 2011 
This isn't something you really think about until it's presented or pointed out to you. It's really interesting to see how much of a role internet plays in democracy as the radio, newspaper, and television do/did. I think the Internet is a huge part of society and plays a role in our lives as well as in democracy when it comes to being informed.
This article and the project is really interesting. It's fascinating to find out how easily we're persuaded by what's around us, what we read, and see from the media. It opens our minds to things we don't really think about.

Good job & good luck :)
Reply Antonesia Paz
12:35 PM on June 22, 2011 
This is a great project. Its also full of resources. Afer checking it out i started to ask questions that i never would have thought to ask.(smile) Say no to propaganda people!!!!